Grace on West

Welcome to Grace on West and thank you for reading!

My prior blog and a prior chapter expired last month and I took some time to reflect to where I felt called next.

I can feel the changes coming ahead for me I know the most important thing will be dedicating more time to my family and home life.

So speaking of home–

We purchased our home as a foreclosure almost two years ago, looking at just two homes in search for our next chapter.

One being a totally remodeled, move- in ready home-

The other was this house. Vacant for three years and needing more work than most could wrap their minds around.

From the moment that house became ours a whole new journey unfolded for me. One of my greatest hopes is that when people walk in my house they feel a peace that can only be explained by the Holy Spirit’s presence filling these rooms.

A house that was once anything but lovely. A house that was once anything but wanted.

“Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

The Lord lead me to this place with my family. He placed us here and this was His plan for us. His plan will always be greater than mine. His grace is what has carried us every moment in this life.

He lead us to this little place on West Street.

Grace on West.

And that is where the name and the heart of this blog comes from.

I look forward to documenting our home space and the cozy corners of life with you.



Grace on West