Dining Room Table

Our dining room table was passed down to us when we got married and we used that same table for 5 years. It made the move with us to our new home a few years ago and promised myself I would not purchase a new table until I could pay cash for it.

Fast forward to this past winter, I was walking through one of my favorite resale shops and spotted this piece. I actually left the store and got about a mile down the road and called my husband. His immediate response was of course, “How much was it.” When I told him it was only $60 he told me to turn around right now to go back and get it.

I raced back praying it would be there. It was. And then it was ours.


I refinished the table with Rethunk Junk paint in the color, Cotton and placed a clear coat on the top to protect it. This piece has completely transformed our dining room. And there is just something about an old piece that makes you feel at home. You can feel the history behind it and those feelings don’t fade as the weeks pass by. Little did I know as I waited and waited that this beauty would be waiting for me 5 years later and only cost me $60, but oh how it was worth the wait.




Dining Room Chairs in “Driftwood” from Target.com



Dining Room Table

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