Tuesday Thrift Finds

Tuesdays are our thrift mornings and it has become a ritual over here to grab my Dunkin coffee and my sweet girl her 5 little munchkins as we venture out in search of one of a kind finds.

It’s become one of my favorite parts of my week and I cannot believe the true treasure we have found.

I got this shelf for $4. Yes you read that right. Just $4.


A little Rethunk Junk paint makeover and its transformed into this sweet little beauty by our front door. Like most pieces in our house I chose the color, Cotton when giving this piece a little TLC.


Add a little vase with a flower and there you have it!

And for the money I saved on this shelf, I can buy many more iced coffees for the week so I’m definitely winning over here.


One girl’s junk, another girl’s treasure!

My hubby’s not too crazy about Tuesdays –but hey–happy wife, happy life!

Have a  blessed week!



Tuesday Thrift Finds

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