Five Affordable Farmhouse Chandeliers

One of my biggest regrets back when we first purchased this house was rushing when choosing lighting.

After changing multiple lights out and wasting a little bit of money I’ve finally allowed myself to slowly purchase items and feel confident about it rather than buying on impulse and regretting later.

We lived with a hole in our kitchen ceiling for about 2 1/2 months while I waited for the chandelier to hang over our space. The wait was worth it. It always is.

Truth be told though, lighting can be EXPENSIVE. I just can’t afford a $500 chandelier no matter how beautiful or perfect it may be.

Shopping on a budget and waiting for the sale has been key for me in the last few months. I’ve put together 5 different faves all under $300! All affordable and oh so pretty!

  1. First up is this Mindy 3 Light Wood Bead Chandelier. We have this exact one hanging in our bedroom above our bed and I love it. It has beautiful, natural, wood beads that hang with a golden, bronze finish!

photo-72. Another wood + metal chandelier option for you! I love how feminine this light is and it’s sure to soften up any space! Can you imagine this in a nursery? So pretty!

photo-63. I may or may not have this vintage beauty on my wish list! I’m thinking this will be a perfect fit for my daughter’s room !  I’ll stare at this beauty for a few more months before I make up my mind for sure, but for now, she’s pretty to look at. And at just under $300 I may have to watch  and hope for a Lowes sale! Yes this beauty is from Lowes!

photo-44. This 5 Light Bronze Light would be beautiful over a kitchen island! A large island is definitely something I wish we would have worked into the design of our house when we purchased! Again, another lesson I’ve added to the list during this fixer upper learning experience. Such simplistic, beauty this would add to any space.

photo-55. I love all the soft curves on this World Market Wire Chandelier! Not to mention, this is priced at $169.99 with almost a 5 star rating. You can use code SUNFUN right now for an additional 20% off your order + you get free shipping with a $150 purchase!


Thanks for reading through all my affordable chandelier faves! Hope you enjoyed browsing as much as I do!




Five Affordable Farmhouse Chandeliers

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